Green my apple

  Green my apple 
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For all of you, Mac-tastics, Green your apples too.

Great picture from Dan and Wally ... the dog is trying to type a message on his blog but it's hard with small keys and an environmental unfriendly computer.

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More on IBC

So, a few days have past and I've walked through most of the exhibition, attended some presentations and met many people.

What to make of it? As I said, it's a very large conference with many (read: MANY) exhibitors but largely focussed on Broadcasters and HD-TV. Those are the centre of focus for this exhibition, which is fair enough. The interest for me was mostly around storage technologies (which also apply for broadcasters, now that everything is moving to digital) and software (Apple and Autodesk mostly). I manage to talk to most of the vendors I had contacted, which is good.

I also got to check the buzz from the Red Camera and had a look at their footage on a 4K projector. I have to say that it was impressive to see noise-less footage at that size and with that level of detail. The image was however a bit "flat" (the dynamic range didn't seem to be "off the charts" as the Red representative said) but this could be the projector or a myriad of other factors. What's really making waves is the price tag of this camera. If this takes off and the production releases of this camera produce film-quality footage, then I see that we will have to deal with 4K sooner rather than later :-) Which is going to be interesting from a technical point of view.

On the 4K size of things, I saw a 56" LCD display 4K2K (3840x2160) from a Japanese firm called Astrodesign and, even though this was a prototype (the rep said that they are aiming at having a production screen mid-2007), it was REALLY nice! The level of detail that you could see in the images was stunning! I was literally speechless while watching high res footage on that monitor. Very impressive!

And then there was iSilon, a firm that makes an interesting clustered storage solution based on FreeBSD. I've been in touch with them in the past but now that they have operations in Japan (for the Asia Pacific region) we might be able to test-drive some of their solutions! That's looking very promising.

And we also had the classics (Sony, IBM, HP). To be honest, I didn't see anything widely innovative from them (of course, I am talking about the stuff that specifically interests me like clustered storage or parallel file systems). Too bad companies like ClusterFS were not here, as that's the type of solutions that I consider interesting :)

An interesting presentation with David Stump ASC about the "whole digital movie", i.e. where you only use analog when you print for projection ... It was an interesting presentation and what I took from that is that there seem to be 2 areas which are fundamental, colour correction and archival. These seem to be the areas in which a lot of work is going and require a lot of attention.

Anyway, it's big and full of people in suits. Interestingly enough, I would say that 90% of the participants were male and over 25 or I would risk it and say 80% over 30. It would be interesting to see some stats from the organisers but it was a "men in suits" dominated conference ... which doesn't necessarily go that well with my look ;-)

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IBC Bag and Badge

IBC Bag and Badge
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Amsterdam ... I am here

So, I've made it to Amsterdam. I am here for IBC 2006, a massive conference that focusses of digital media (to simplify it a bit).

The trip was exhausting and really long. I flew with Qantas and I have to admit that the pain from the trip was not due to the airline but just to the fact that both legs of the trip (Sydney - Singapore and Singapore - London) were full (not a spare seat). I don't want to complain but ... ARGH!

Anyway, I made it to Schiphol however my luggage didn't. So, the first day was spent going back and forth between the airport and the city and waiting ... waiting ... waiting ... until I finally got my backpack and could return to just relax.

I manage to catch up with some of my friends and former colleagues from Greenpeace, which was good and I have registered to IBC. This conference/show is HUGE! and from the exhibitors list, it's going to be FUN! :-) Can't wait!

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AT&T built warrantless wiretap rooms for the NSA

Some clear information about something that probably has been going on for a very long while. Definitely time to start looking at stuff like Thor, Mixmaster and cgi-proxy.

AT&T built warrantless wiretap rooms for the NSA: "Cory Doctorow: AT&T has asked a court to suppress documents leaked by an ex-employee detailing how the company indiscriminately diverted domestic and international traffic to the National Security Agency for warrantless wiretapping

(Via Boing Boing.)

Inspiration also from a friend :)

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The best review ever?

Best review ever, of any product. Check for yourself:

(Via Philip Greenspun Weblog.)

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Certified Scrum Master

On Thursday and Friday I went on to a Scrum Master training, held by Jens Østergaard.

The training was very good and I've learned a lot. We've been trying to use Scrum at work for a while and the training clearly showed me the little (large) problems that we had with our attempts and the stuff I need to do to solve them. It's going to be a very interesting couple of months from now on, when I change the way I was working and get this in place.

If you haven't heard of Scrum, and you are interested in new and more effective ways to tackle the complexity of your projects, I *highly* recommend that you take a look at it. It's a simple framework that works very well with Agile engineering practices (Test Driven Development, XP, etc). Check it out!

BTW, we were the first class of publicly certified Scrum Masters in Australia. Thoughtworks has already quite a few certified Scrum Masters too.

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Being not truthful

This is really amazing stuff!!!

Being not truthful: "


Ralph Ammer and Stefan Sagmeister have teamed up to create an installation which was first exhibited at Austrian Cultural Forum last week in NYC.

(Via we make money not art.)

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Weekends and work in Sydney, memories

With all the new amazing stuff that I started doing with my life recently, there's also the "other" side of my life which still amazes me, i.e. work. Yeah, it's a fantastic ride to be working for Rising Sun. Amazingly so that I am in the office on Saturday (got a call since one of our servers was unavailable) and I don't feel out of place.

This reminded me of the time when we worked tirelessly in the 6th floor of our then headquarters in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, on a great summer, to release the new content management system that was powering the website of Greenpeace International. I remember waves of emotions (it was a troubling time as well on an emotional level) but the energy and very strong friendships that were built on those long days and nights coding, are still present. I feel the same again! Even though I am not working as intensely as I did back then (i.e. I still have weekends, I go flying and surfing) the feeling of pushing towards a common goal, in this case, delivering all the amazing visual work on the movies we are working on (Superman, Charlotte's Web and some more which I can't mention). It's great and invigorating!

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Fridge poetry

The following is absolutely fantastic! For those who remember, we used to have all those strange fragments of phrases in our fridge in Amsterdam. Our fridge now is very small in comparison but this idea (see below) would be very handy!

Fridge poetry: "

Australian digital artist Pierre Proske who is working with researchers at the Viktoria Institute in Sweden to develop intelligent fridge magnets that fix bad grammar and change the words to something they think is more appropriate.

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