A great illustrator

Danielle has been doing some creative work lately. She has spent a bit more time doing what she wants to do and not so much what she would have to do, which is good. She is also about to start a MSc, which is good as the field she'll be studying is quite related to our past few years of activism.

This short post is also a "ping", yes, I am alive and doing well. I have had a few months of very intense work as we are getting ready to deliver the final work on some of the shows we've been working on and it's always a very intense time. But I am trying to keep friends and family informed (it's Saturday, 00:35hs, so I am trying ;-) ).

Life is been good to us. Summer has treated us well, Sydney and Australia in general has been very generous to us (travels, excellent friends, great work).

I look forward to travel to distant lands again soon (Argentina, Europe, ... other places too) and get to checkout on our friends too ... not everyone is as sporadic as I am so I hear from them but some of our friends (you know who you are) are not very ... communicative and we are wondering what you are up to. So, get off your asses and send us emails or at least point us to your blogs :)

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Yet another one ...

On July 1st my niece, Antonia (as far as I know that's what her official name will be), was born. Both the mother and her are well from what I've heard. I don't have much news nor pictures to share. How sad is that?

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Back ...

I am back home. Yes, I didn't contact a lot of people while in Argentina. My bad. I wanted to spend time with my family and that's what I did. Hopefully I will come back soon enough.

I am going to be uncle again, of a baby girl! :)

Will post more later. Still jet lagged.

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Bondi to Bronte and more

Some little things make you wonder. Today was the Bondi to Bronte Ocean Swim 2004. The race was scheduled at 10 AM, so I woke up (on a sunday morning, mind you) at 8.30 AM ... pottered in bed until 9.20AM ;) and then took the Canon 20D, my swimmers, sunglasses and a t-shirt and headed to the beach. The sun was bright and high already (sunrise is at 5.30AM), there was a nice gentle ocean wind and quite a lot of people on the beach.

I got closer to the crowd and started to understand what was going on, they were getting ready to start the race ... The weather was fantastic for a race, not a lot of surf and a beautiful blue sky. The water wasn't too cold (around 20ºC).

I took quite a few pictures of the different groups of people getting into the water and placed most of those pictures on a Bondi to Bronte photo-album.

I was starting the feel the sun on my nose (yeah, I did forget to take a hat and to put sunscreen on, what a silly mistake) so I decided to go back home, wake Danielle up and have a nice coffee.

In the afternoon, we took our car (we finally got the whole registration of the car worked out, so we now have a 20 year old little car that works quite well and takes us where we want to go, not temperamental yet) and headed off to Turramurra (a long way north from where we live) to visit my cousin and his family. He moved here quite recently, his wife and twin babies arrived 3 weeks ago. It was nice to see them. It's strange, you move all the way around the world, your cousin moves here as well and you don't see each other for several months. Sometimes certain events in life remind you of the value of family and you change your passive attitude and actually do something about it. I felt good having taken the time to go there and spend some time with them. Danielle liked them too. Their kids are very nice as well. We'll see more of them in the days to come, that's for sure.

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30 ...

It needs to be noted for those of you who forgot or didn't know that Danielle turned 30 yesterday. Yay! She can't tell me anymore that she is in her 20s and I am in my 30s.

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