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Cool writings

For some reason (I don't really know how) I ended up on one of the posts that Brian wrote when we launched the new face of http://www.greenpeace.org/ back in 2002 (the version 1 of what you can now see at that same URL). Have a read, be active, do something for our environment (yeah, I know, I could be doing more ... I am trying, believe me).

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AT&T built warrantless wiretap rooms for the NSA

Some clear information about something that probably has been going on for a very long while. Definitely time to start looking at stuff like Thor, Mixmaster and cgi-proxy.

AT&T built warrantless wiretap rooms for the NSA: "Cory Doctorow: AT&T has asked a court to suppress documents leaked by an ex-employee detailing how the company indiscriminately diverted domestic and international traffic to the National Security Agency for warrantless wiretapping

(Via Boing Boing.)

Inspiration also from a friend :)

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The best amazon.com review ever?

Best Amazon.com review ever, of any product. Check for yourself: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00067L9A2/

(Via Philip Greenspun Weblog.)

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Originally uploaded by brunom.
A macro shot I took back in March ...

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Certified Scrum Master

On Thursday and Friday I went on to a Scrum Master training, held by Jens Østergaard.

The training was very good and I've learned a lot. We've been trying to use Scrum at work for a while and the training clearly showed me the little (large) problems that we had with our attempts and the stuff I need to do to solve them. It's going to be a very interesting couple of months from now on, when I change the way I was working and get this in place.

If you haven't heard of Scrum, and you are interested in new and more effective ways to tackle the complexity of your projects, I *highly* recommend that you take a look at it. It's a simple framework that works very well with Agile engineering practices (Test Driven Development, XP, etc). Check it out!

BTW, we were the first class of publicly certified Scrum Masters in Australia. Thoughtworks has already quite a few certified Scrum Masters too.

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