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So .. the BIG NEWS

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OK, I kept everyone waiting and waiting. Now it's time to reveal the news.

In that picture you can see the reaction. Danielle proposed to me a few minutes before we took that shot. Yes, she actually *wants* to get married to me! How crazy is that? I accepted (if you are wondering what my answer was)! At the moment, we're thinking of Feb 2007 as the date for the celebration! So that gives enough time for all of you (friends) to get your a** over here!


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I've finally uploaded the last few pictures from our trip to the South Coast. Of course, I've made a selection and what you have on my Flickr account represents around 50% of the total amount of pictures I took.

I like this picture in particular. I was walking around while Dan and her mum were at the Foxglove and Spires gardens, in Tilba Tilba and the sun was playing games with the clouds, which created interesting patterns on the hills.

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We have some BIG NEWS but ... I'll tell you later, in the meantime I've uploaded some of the pictures we took while in the South Coast. Enjoy and comment ... please? ;-)

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Eden and South Coast of NSW

As strange as this might sound, Danielle and I decided we needed some holidays and jumped on the car and headed south. We spent some days at Dan's parents new house, near Narooma, on the South Coast. We moved bricks, removed fences, star-pickets, cleaned up a lot of the place and helped as much as we could. The house is beautiful and it's in the middle of "dairy country" so it's very green and abundant in cattle-life-forms. It overlooks a beautiful valley.

Of course, being the Australian "bush", we were exposed to some indigenous wildlife, like spiders but that wasn't too bad. Just a few hunstman and some others, which we couldn't identify. We also saw a big black snake but that was while driving at 100 k/h ... so not really up-close-and-personal.

We are now in Eden, further south. Eden used to be a big whaling station and now has a booming whale-watching industry. We're hoping to get a place on a boat tomorrow to get to see this magnificent beasts. We saw two off Bondi last year ... this time we will go with the purpose of seeing some and not just finding some by chance, as we go off the water after a dive :-)

We've been taking many pictures but we will upload them when we come back to Sydney.

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