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Bondi == Surf

It's been over a year since we left Amsterdam and moved to Sydney. Much has happened in the meantime. Time is a strange unit of measurement, occasionally it seems to happen faster and sometimes slower. I can't really say if this year feels like a "long one" or not, I just look back and think that Amsterdam was almost a lifetime away but that might also just be the product of my very busy job. I am not implying that working for Greenpeace International wasn't busy ;-)

During this year, I've been back to Argentina, got my first digital SLR (yeah, me, the die-hard-film-fan), went diving around Sydney many times, been bitten by leaches, padded kangaroos, seen huge spiders at Danielle's house, started working for this amazing company called Rising Sun Pictures, saw many new faces come to this world (babies), saw my first match of AFL, not to mention all the times that I've been upset about the state of our world (but those would be too many times to put on a blog).

After a year here, something else comes to an end, like the financial year (of course), our lease. We have to move out but hey, we wouldn't be who we are if we were not the most stubborn people in the Eastern Suburbs (ok, maybe just me then). We are moving to the unit next door :-) So we are staying near the beautiful Bondi Beach. And to make this event more ... uh ... special, I got myself a 7'2" surfboard! Of course, I can't surf yet but I will learn.

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Not YAO (yet another opinion)

So much has (and still is) been said about the tragedy following the destruction from "Katrina" that I don't have anything more to add. I just agree with Bizarro, "it's always the poor who suffer".

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