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It doesn't come as a surprise that the British Police shot a man not connected to the bombings in the subway on Friday!

What can you expect when governments turn into police states? When they invade countries and kill thousands on false pretexts? When they can break into your house secretely, get all sort of information about you, detain people indefinetely without any other excuse than ... you could maybe potentially occasionally a threat to someone or something or ... whatever ? When they talk about Freedom and Human Rights but they want immunity from the International Criminal Court? When they create all sorts of obstacles for the creation of an International Convention against Torture which btw they haven't even signed?

I am angry! I am pissed off! Is this the world we want? Bloody-hell NO!

None of these actions will bring more security and peace nor freedom from oppression! It's CREATING oppression! It's creating more violence! Can't you see it?

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Yet another one ...

On July 1st my niece, Antonia (as far as I know that's what her official name will be), was born. Both the mother and her are well from what I've heard. I don't have much news nor pictures to share. How sad is that?

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