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Rolling (Electronic) Paper

Rolling (Electronic) Paper: "David Pescovitz: flexMy latest article for TheFeature is about the development of incredibly flexible displays for mobile devices:

'Flexible displays are a staple of science fiction. Imagine unrolling an electronic newspaper that’s automatically updated via the wireless Web. Or unfurling a screen stored in your location-enhanced mobile device so you can consult a digital map without squinting. These kinds of applications -- promised for more than a decade -- have almost become clichés of futurist hype. Indeed, as one reader of TheFeature points out in response to a flexible screen announcement by Philips, ‘Every industrial design student has some (mock-up) PDA with a roll-out display in their portfolio.’ So why the hell can’t you buy one?'

[ Via Boing Boing. ]

Posted on November 18, 2004 - 21:49