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Mamiya ZD

Just a few days ago I posted about the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II and today, at Photokina 2004, Mamiya announced the ZD, a Medium Format digital SLR (the first one, I believe) with a 22 M pixel chip! The resolution of this beast is outstanding! I am waiting eagerly reviews from Michael Reichmann from the Luminous Landscape, who will certainly give this one a test soon.

From the specs (limited ISO sensitivity, low frame per seconds) it really sounds like a digital medium format and not just a bigger 35mm-like camera. The rumors are that the price for this baby will be around € 10.000.- which is not that much different from the EOS 1Ds Mark II. For the studio/landscape photographer, I think the choice will be difficult!

As a user and fan of medium format (I own a Rollei 6008i), I am really keen on information about the digital adoption of photographers that use this format. I like the square format for my pictures and getting towards a 35mm shape again is quite sad sometimes ... That's why something that comes closer to the world of MF again at affordable prices (well, € 10.000 is not so affordable but if you compare this to the € 30.000 that a good digital camera back costs, then you'll understand what I mean).

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New look

Thanks to Danielle's creative work, my blog as a new look ... it still needs a bit of tweaking but it features one of Danielle's work on the banner image. I am really happy! :)

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Back online

Finally we've received our ADSL modem and we are back online! Living on Bondi Beach with internet @ home ... what else could I ask for?

Oh! yes, I know: that people/organizations stick to signed contracts? Would that be asking too much?

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Swedish pretties

Today we spent most of our day at Ikea buying some miscellaneous things for our kitchen. We also got a dining table, 6 chairs and thow large book cases from Fantastic Furniture and then a set of pots and pans and kitchen knifes from another joint. All that from the same mall (a giant mall) called SupaCenta at Moore Park.

We could have spent hundred's of times more than what we did but we don't have the money to pay for our eyes ... I hope you understand the expression ;)

Pictures from the house will follow when we get our ADSL modem at home ...

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Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II, wireless

This amazing advance in 35mm Digital SLR's had been announced today. I had the chance to use the first version of this camera, the Canon EOS-1Ds last year, at Trina and Zhiron's wedding and I am still impressed by the results. I have to start saving seriously to get my hands on this new toy...

Leaked in some detail over the weekend we can now bring you full details of the 16.7 megapixel EOS-1Ds Mark II. Successor to the EOS-1Ds the Mark II maintains the 36 x 24 mm CMOS sensor (full 35 mm frame size), raises the pixel count by almost six million pixels, provides ISO sensitivity through to ISO 3200, faster continuous shooting (4 fps) with a large and improved buffer (32 JPEG, 11 RAW) as well as all of the changes we saw between the EOS-1D to EOS-1D Mark II. Additionally Canon has also announced... [Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com)]

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Few posts ... always a reason for it

We've moved to our new place and we don't yet have an internet connection there. We just got the phone connected today. The place looks great but empty (which is good). It won't be like that when I bring all my computers :-)

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I was just browsing without making too much sense and one of the sites that I visit regularly is Sun Microsystem's. I have been a user from Sun's hardware for as long as I can remember and they still, despite the adverse market conditions, produce some outstanding advances. Like today I found out about ZFS, their new filesystem that's going to be powering Solaris 10. It's a 128 bit FS, that should be enough to store ... well, I don't know the terminology anymore, it's beyond peta bytes ... :-)

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Our new house

Today we went and saw our new house for the first time without all the furniture. We have the keys and we will start to move our stuff as soon as possible.

It's a great place!

We had some nice Moët Chandon Brut Impérial to celebrate. Danielle's parents joined us tonight in the toast!

I can't wait to start actually making that place our own!

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IT Conversations

With the addition of the iPod to our collection of toys, I thought I'd found out new ways of listening to some interesting stuff while traveling to or from somewhere, not just music.

Today, for example, I was invited as a guest speaker to the Web Application Frameworks course at the University of Sydney and to get there I had to take a bus to Bondi Junction, from there the train to Central and walk for 20 minutes to Uni. I had loaded on my iPod the Gillmor Gang, quoted from the IT Conversations site:

Steve Gillmor, contributing editor, ZDNet Doc Searls, senior editor, Linux Journal Jon Udell, lead analyst, InfoWorld Test Center Dana Gardner, senior analyst, Yankee Group

After a week to think about it, The Gang digs deeper into the ramifications of Microsoft's announcements re Longhorn. The stock market didn't react at all. (Perhaps because the implications are too long term.) How will it affect the reseller channel? Does this give the storage vendors an opening to sell platform-independent file systems? Does this level the playing field for alternative user interfaces or will Avalon/XAML become the de facto standard for the Windows world?

Very interesting talk, worth listening to, like most of the interviews/talks that you'll find in that site. I really found a new way to get access to interesting discussions on topics that I care about.

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A nifty little toy

We received our 40GB iPod today. What a fantastic little toy! I immediately synchronized all my small music collection (I haven't yet encoded my whole CD collection, this is a small part of it) of around 1,100 songs and it comes to around 5GB of music, 3.6 days of continuous playing music ... and it's just a bit more than 10% of the capacity of the iPod.

It's a very nicely designed gadget, feels right and smooth. I had it only a few minutes in my hands and I already love it, all the controls are very intuitive.

Highly recommended.

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