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Cousin and corporate websites

I found out today that my cousin Eduardo is soon coming to Australia. He will be working for KPMG as far as I understood from my mother.

I could say "It's the Mattarollo invasion" but Eduardo is a cousin from my mother's side of the family, therefor not a Mattarollo :-)

So, hearing that he would be working for a large corporation, I checked the KPMG Australia website with Firefox and it rendered horribly (useless). I immediately thought "must be some rendering issues in Mac OS X" but how silly, Firefox uses the same rendering engine on all ports and "Mac OS X" not being used as a reference platform for "things that have to look good"? Nah ... of course, looking at it on windoze rendered the same. Yuk! One would think that a large corporation like KPMG would at least have a decent web designer (or agency) ... The design is also completely broken in Safari 1.2.3, Mozilla 1.7, Opera 7.5 on Mac OS X renders it a bit better ...

From their source:

|   ||  |||  ||             r  a  z  o  r  f  i  s  h  , Inc.
Description: KPMG [home]
Created: 2000-04-20 jj
(c) 2000, Razorfish, Inc. all rights reserved. | Recoding: (c) 2000 Areeba Solutions Pty Ltd, Melbourne


Posted on August 26, 2004 - 13:32


No voy a trabajar para KPMG, sino para BearingPoint (www.bearingpoint.com)
Originalmente era la división consultoría de KPMG, pero luego se separaron.

Posted by: Eduardo | Aug 26, 2004 11:03:13 PM