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News flash: New Messiah crowned in US senate

This post from Bizarro reminded me of my childhood, when my dad used to tell me about the Reverend Moon and how right-wing he was. Not only that, but he is completely insane!

The event was an "innocent ceremony," Mr Davis told the Guardian. "It was a banquet to give out awards. I didn't have any way of knowing Reverend Moon would say he was the messiah, or whatever he said."

Guardian Unlimited

Danny Davis, a prominent black congressman from Illonois joined more than a dozen fellow congresspeople in the latest of a string of bizarre ceremonies held in the US senate complex. Sure, the others are often referred to as "official government business" and the "process of a functioning democracy" but few have involved the head of a dubious christan sect, in this case one Reverend Sun Myung Moon, declaring:

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First sighted on the Null Device and then on SBS news.

[Lowbagger World]

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No Pizza after 10pm?

Imagine you are home on a sunday night, you are getting hungry and ... suddenly ... the horror, the horror ... It's 10.15pm!

In any country in the world, you should be able to pick up the phone or start up your browser and order some pizza at almost any time. So we did, rang ... nothing ... maybe online ... so we loaded up Pizza Donna and Domino's. Both shops close at 10pm!!! Can you believe it? We couldn't! 10pm?

So, we had to make ourselves some strange pizzas, the base made up to flour tortillas and on top of that some cheese and Jalapeños peppers (yeah, the ones that Fred brought back from San Francisco, I still had a can of those). They gave Dave some hickups but still delicious!

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Friends ...

(I just posted this in our common rant but I thought I would post it here as well)

My friends from work organized a very nice and relaxed lunch for Danielle and I yesterday. They all cooked different dishes, from Lebanese delicacies to home baked bread. It was really nice! Good beers, Aussie wines, great location (thanks Katya for sharing your house with us).

Our "goodbye" party was smooth and nice and sad, in a way, because I am going to miss these people. I hope that they will all visit us in Australia soon. I never really liked saying goodbye but I hope this is taken as an "hasta luego" (see you later).

We will still be around in Amsterdam for 3 more weeks ... but it already feels a bit sad.

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Ok, Holland got it ...

It was a quite relaxed match. We were watching the match with some friends (Sjoerd, Ximon, Nis and Dave) and we were wondering if it was for real of just a nice friendly match. The players (coming out of the dumb box -i.e. TV-) seemed to be walking in the field like nothing really mattered and all was good ("yeah, I bought this washing machine, you know, it's really great" extract from a ficticious conversation between the goal keeper and the defender). We had to text message (SMS) some other people to check that this wasn't a dream.

Did you have the same experience?

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Whinge whinge whinge

The last time I saw a football match on BBC was the horrible Argentina - England on June 7th 2002 (world cup). I was already pissed off about the commentators and their complete lack of sense. Well, today, watching Portugal - England (what a match btw), the same ... It was like listening to absurd, sense-less comments from people that are working for what is supposed to represent british culture abroad. The mighty BBC ... for goodness' sake! Pathetic...

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Google Ads ...

As you can see, I am experimenting with Google Ads. I know, it's not very nice but we'll have to cover the costs of hosting this blog. Especially when we'll be traveling through South Western Australia for 1000 kms. It's a tendency in a lot of blogs, Google Ads start showing up all over the place. I am looking into a new design on the site and I will find a location for the ads that are a bit more integrated with the design and less "prominent".

Pablo: por las dudas, antes de que comiences con tu crítica (como debería ser, por supuesto) ... no todos tenemos nuestras empresas y somos genios como vos, entendenos a nosotros, los simples mortales que tenemos que pagar las cuentas a fin de mes (en particular cuando trabajás para una ONG).

Con este post, tengo que retractarme en el comentario de "software pedorro" que hice respecto a Paolo para tratar de recuperar su confianza :)

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Strong Bad

Dan and David were reading the emails from Strong Bad. Hilarious!

This is the sort of absurd animations and humour that I like.

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Y? nada ...

Paolo acusa recibo de mi queja pero nada ... Para cuando los comentarios?

Eso pasa cuando usas un software pedorro ... :)

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Changing skins

I am playing around with the design of my blog. Trying to find a look and feel for this space, at the moment I am not sure exactly how it will look but I am testing around. One thing that I am sure of is that I don't like designs that have a fixed width.

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Digital Photography changes but ...

the issues remain the same. Oceans overexplotation, Frankenstein-eske Genetic Engineering, Nuclear fantasies, criminal wars.

It's interesting to see how long time photographers for Greenpeace are taking on the new technologies, allowing the pictures to get to the website or to the agencies in record time.

Good work! Spread the word, oops, sorry, the images!

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