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Paraguay grants immunity to US Troops?

This news (link to the Argentinean newspaper Clarín, in Spanish) has strucked me! I am actually really puzzled that this news hasn't really been more public. I just found out on the Argentinean newspaper almost by mistake. It's a real outrage!

Here is an excerpt from the NarcoSphere:

agreement approved by the Paraguayan Congress which will allow US troops into the country for an 18-month training and advisory mission from June 1, 2005 through December 31, 2006. The agreement grants full immunity from prosecution to all US personnel involved in the mission. Congress approved the agreement--apparently at the end of last year--with no debate and behind closed doors, and the public was largely unaware of it, according to SERPAJ Paraguay.

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Gansta Rap ... star wars

With all the Star Wars Episode III noise, this animation is already a classic in my books. "We got Death Star... We got Death Star..."

A must see!

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It's strange to describe how you feel when you're going to an "intimate" dinner with your partner and you find yourself in a great (and cheap, I must add at this point) restaurant with 20 friends that turned out on a suprise dinner for your birthday!

Danielle organized a dinner for my birthday (which is, oh! surprise! today... june 7th) but, as you do, I didn't know about (the dinner). We wondered around with the cab, making excuses about having a look at the park (which was ... uh ... dark), talking about how we should see some of our friends more regularly, following up on a conversation I started a few weeks ago.

When we reached the restaurant, there was a very long table with many of these people we were talking about. I honestly was stunned by it. I didn't expected so many people to show up ... I also consider myself privileged to be a friend of these amazing people! Honestly!

I am thinking about what I just wrote. Is it possible to be proud of being considered a friend of someone? Well, yes. It is. I can say, with complete honesty, that we know some outstanding people.

Of course, I missed many of my friends from overseas. Friends living in Holland, friends living in Sweden, friends living in Argentina, friends living in US, friends living in Brasil, friends living in Indonesia. But such is the life of the traveller. It's difficult and sometimes heart breaking to have friends in different corners of the globe and not being able to share with them your true happiness.

In brief, to explain tonight, if you know me, you will understand the following: tonight, I was home!

That's something to reflect about. Home is where love is. Love as in lover, as in friends. Maybe I am a hippie after all, I haven't thought about that. After many years of debating where my home is, not being able to come to terms with it, that's my conclusion. Home is not about your "country". Home is not about "your Kulture". More food for thought.

Today was a good day.

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