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Using NetNewsWire to post

In my previous blog, I was using Radio Userland and one of the advantages was that you could actually work on your blog offline. With typepad, you can of course, edit and type your post on "vi" or some other editor of your choice but with NetNewsWire you can actually post directly from your desktop, which is nice and complements my TypePad account quite well.

I have been using NetNewsWire for a long time now and I find it extremely well designed and it works really great!

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Project Management

I am being trained in project management at work for 3 days. We are learning the "Systematic Framework". This is quite different from the Microsoft Solutions Framework ©, that I learned many years ago. It's still interesting to learn a new methodology and then think on how to apply it and what would be the advantages of using this one over the others.

Danielle is studying Prince2, which is a methodology developed by the UK Governement (IIRC) and is meant to be used for massive projects (building bridges and stuff like that), since it's quite complex and has lots of checklists and other forms that you keep while working with this methodology.

Anyways, it's interesting and we will see what I can take out of it.

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He is back!

Finally Pablo has brough his weblog back online! Well done! At last!

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No updates?

I haven't updated my personal blog in a while since I created, instead I spend most of my time in our common blog. Why? Well, the idea on this particular space is to put things that are not necessarily common to Danielle and I, like specifics on programming and other techie stuff that Dan doesn't find interesting, so since I am back in Amsterdam, I will probably get back on track and update this space more regularly.

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Early morning

I just created this blog and I am now typing this from my room, in Buenos Aires. It's around midnight, and we are supposed to wake up tomorrow at 3.30AM to head up to the local airport (Jorge Newbery) to take a plane that will take us to Ushuaia. We will stay there for a few days and then head up to Calafate and then back to Buenos Aires a few more days later.

This will be the first time that I travel that much south in my country. It's a big country, that spans from the extreme south, like Ushuaia (which is the southern most city in the world) to the north (Salta and Jujuy near the border with Bolivia) which is a desert and is really hot in summer.

I won't be posting pictures yet because I just took my Rollei 6008i and I don't have the time nor the technology with me to scan all the 6x6 film that I will be exposing. Maybe some day :)

I think this will be it for my first post. Good night now :)

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